NACP Course 2017          

 Course on occupational dosimetry in hospitals


The Radiological Physics Committee (RPC) of The Nordic Association for Clinical Physics (NACP) is pleased to invite you to the 2017 course on occupational dosimetry in hospitals.
The course is mainly aimed at medical physicists, but we also welcome clinicians, radiographers and other interested professions to join.

The radiation exposure to staff in cardiology, interventional radiology and nuclear medicine are of special interest as they are at risk of reaching the recommended annual dose limit set by the new European guidelines.

The course will be held on 27th to 29th September 2017.

Topics of the course will include:
- Dose monitoring
- Dose limits - what research it is based on
- Dosimetric quantities
- Internal dosimetry and finger doses
- Effect of protocol optimization on staff doses
- Technical and clinical issues
- Radiation biology
- Factors that influence staff doses 

Welcome to Stockholm and  Södersjukhuset!

Program committee

Hannu Järvinen (Finland)
Lennart Johansson (Sweden)
Erik Tesselaar (Sweden)
Ahmed Jibril Abdi (Denmark)
Daniel A. Aadnevik (Norway)

Local committee

Sofi Wickström
Cecilia Lundmark

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